Alison Latham
Curriculum Leader - Vocational Science at NCCG

I have been at Nelson and Colne College Group for nearly 20 years, originally starting as PTHP cover for a maternity leave. I became a permanent member of staff on a fractional contract after two years. I’ve held a variety of teaching roles including GCSE Science, A Level Biology, A Level Human Biology and Vocational Science. I’ve also held several non-teaching roles including being a personal tutor and being Enrichment Coordinator for four years. I’ve been Curriculum Leader in Vocational Science for the past three years.

I love teaching; I must do as I’ve been doing it for nearly 25 years! I thoroughly enjoy being in the classroom with students, enhancing their learning and understanding, and developing their practical skills. The highlights of my role are when students have ‘light bulb moments’ during a lesson or with a future career role. It’s great seeing students grow and mature into young adults.

I work closely with students looking at progressions into Higher Education and employment. The vast majority of my students have secured some fabulous places at University. Several of my past students still stay in contact with me and it’s great to hear how they are doing. I am very proud of their achievements and feel very privileged to think that I played a part in their success.

Success is only as good as the team you work in and the Science and Maths division here at College is amazing. As colleagues we support each other not just on a professional level but also on a personal level. The comradery among our division is second to none, making the challenging times manageable and the rewarding times numerous!

Mohammed Jalgaonker
ICT Teacher at LAL

I am an ICT Teacher working in the community with a broad range of adults who attend classes to build up their skill levels in ICT, many of whom progress on to gaining ICT qualifications.

I have worked closely with the College and have been offered many opportunities to further develop and progress into more advanced and challenging roles. The first level of support I received guided me to gaining a Grade 1 in my first ever teaching position in my career here at LAL.

Working with a variety of individuals from across the county has enabled me to see people progress from little or no knowledge to emerge as competent and confident users of computers. Seeing this journey is what makes me smile and realise the difference I am making to these people’s lives.

LAL has been very supportive in allowing me to be the best teacher I can be. There are many opportunities for individuals to develop their management skills, which can be beneficial to ease you into management positions and beyond. There are also many activities for social well-being, which are fun and engaging.

Fionnuala Swann
Assistant Principal - Academic Curriculum

The highlight of my job at the moment is making a huge difference to the educational experience of students in my division. Everything I do is aimed at ensuring that students get the best experience possible and that they will leave being able to progress to their next steps successfully. I am also now part of the College Management Team which gives me the opportunity to contribute to decision making on a whole College level.

I started at the college as a PTHP teacher, two days a week, teaching Sociology. This was five years ago. I then progressed to a permanent contract, teaching three days a week. Three years ago, I was appointed section leader for Social Sciences and I increased to four days a week. Last year I applied for the Head of Division where I was leading a team of 23 teachers, two Curriculum Leaders and over a dozen different qualifications. Now I am the Assistant Principal for our Academic Curriculum.

NCCG is a great place to work. As my experience shows, there are clear opportunities for career progression and the College is really keen to invest in staff development and progression.